4 Aug 2011


I have for the past couple of week been taking part in Shimelle latest classe, Explore. I am loving the change and the guidance to actually stop and think about my creativity, how I create things and how I look at things.

Here are a few pics of the 'playbook' which I have created in the class. Really loving the freedom of it - and out of this I have ideas for several full scale pages for my album.

Enjoy your evenings x


  1. looks great! I especially love your mr & mrs page!

  2. ooh, loving the playbook soooo much! x

  3. Love the look of your album! The writing on the photos is rad!

  4. I've really enjoyed the class too although I have missed the last 2 weeks due to hols, can't wait to get back to it. LOVE your pages - the colours are wonderful. I like the idea of breaking up the Sit, Stand Sleep writing with the little embellishments.