15 Aug 2011

{Capture Life}

This is what we as scrapbookers do.

We try and capture all those memories, stories and events in a photograph, so we can preserve it down in our albums. TBH I think this is pretty cool. I recently took one of my albums into work as a couple of the girls I work with wanted to see what my scrapbooking actually was. Everyone who looked it at it said 'Maxwell will be so lucky to look back on these things when he's older' I really do hope so! But I just like to know that I am putting down our story somewhere. Even if in years to come he looks at them and thinks 'what a waste of time!' you never know, his kids or grandkids or great grandkids might find them and think 'WOW' this is our family history, right there.

I wanted to put down a few of my thoughts about this onto a layout. About how I love recording and capturing life thru a lens. I used some photographs my rather talented friends took of me and or out camera on our recent weekend away (Laura, Sj, Shimelle, Rachel, Natalie, Katy, Katherine, Chloe & Sally)

The style is a bit different from my usual, but I am OK with that. (I think this in itself is progress on part!)

Journalling reads:

What I love about my ability to record out daily memories on camera is that this is so important for us to tell our story, to look back at our pictures and see how our lives have changed. Watch our child grow. I am filled with great happiness when I look at our photos. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

Hope you capture a memory or two today!