10 Aug 2011

{10 things on the 10th}

....about our wedding.

Our wedding is in 10 days. The 20/08/2011.

Our wedding is 4 days before my birthday, and 17 days after our 10 year anniversary of being together.

Our wedding has four colours, instead of the more typical 1 or 2 colours. Mainly because I couldn't decide. And partly because we love all things bright.

Our wedding is taking place in a registry office. A small service.

Our wedding reception is taking place at a local football club. This is a lot bigger celebration.

Our wedding will not be having a sit down dinner. Instead we opted for a BBQ.

Our wedding will be having a cake table. Surprisingly enough, I will not be baking any myself.

Our wedding will be having a bouncy castle and garden games. Pray for good weather!!

Our wedding will have 3 bridesmaids, 3 best men, a page boy and a flower girl.

Our wedding is getting really close now. To must learn to relax.

So there you go.


  1. I am super excited about your wedding!

    (I find it a little odd that my word verification for posting this is 'arson')

  2. LOVE the colours for your wedding. The whole day sounds really fab. It's our 20th anniversary this year and I still remember all the Wedding details like it was yesterday. Love how you're having what you want on YOUR special day. I had dried flowers in my hair and bouquet... Caused an uproar at the the time....people said dried flowers were unlucky. They were lovely. I had a 4 year old brother at the time (he's in his 20s now) and we were really close, I was like a second Mum. He sat on my knee during a lot of the service. it's all about what the happy couple want, not everyone else. Can't wait to see the photos.
    Mandy McK

  3. Hi Leanne
    Singing here comes the bride..
    Congratulations to you both on your upcoming wedding and praying for the sun to shine on you!!
    Love the colours...gorgeous.

  4. Im going to a wedding that day - first one in years lol. Hope you have a fabulous day & enjoy your bouncy castle!! Sounds like fun xx

  5. Good luck! Have an amazing day! Fingers crossed for fab weather!