18 May 2011

{Weekend Away & Layouts Part 2}

More layouts from my weekend away with the girls crafting....I have had these photo and title planned for this layout for AGES!! So happy I could finally get it scrapped! We bought M a Sophie on recommendation from friends - and he loved it. It was the first real toy he played with all the time. **bless**

I have scrapped M's birthday - but I wanted to record some of the details of what happened on the run up, what happened on the day etc.

Me & K both have IPhone (mine is currently dying after M decided to dunk it in water!!) but since he was very small he has had these phones around him. So much so that at 14 months he knows how to make it light up, how to scroll through the pages and that it plays music. He really is an iPhone baby (and loves it when I play tinie tempah or Adele on the phone!)

More to follow....

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  1. Oh so cute, loving all the embellies and the white borders drawn on the photo's are lush! x