16 May 2011

{Weekend Away & Layouts Part 1}

I have made some lovely friends through this hobby and a few weekends back I went away with some of them - they are all much better at blogging this than me (examples being all these links!)

We stayed in a rather lovely house in the country and enjoyed lots of chat, crafting, a little walk, some wine, and chocolate and all in all had a rather lovely time. Amongst all the fun I did manage some layouts....

I did a few about me and him (and only a few more months until we are Mr & Mrs!!??!!)

This was a picture from our engagement party (and I am lovely grey background!!) I wanted the layout to look quite bright so I used lots of random bits and pieces I had! & layered up the ribbons!! (Thanks to Rachel for the photo op journaling spot! Perfect!!)

This photo was taken by the lovely SJ (and the story behind K's cheeky look in this photo is moments after this picture was taken he tried to scare me by pushing me off the rail we were sitting on!!!) I have been wanting to use this song title as a layout title for awhile and It sums up how I feel about the whole engagement and becoming K wife. I had kinda convinced myself that we were destined to not get married but he went and surprised me with the proposal on Christmas Day.
I love these pics that Shimelle took of us at Laura's wedding last year. This was the first day since having Maxwell in the February that we went out together for the whole day and M stayed overnight with my parents. I wanted to record how much I still look forward to spending the time with him after all this time.

More to follow....

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