14 Mar 2011

{is in shock}

That its march already? Where has this year gone. These next few weekends will be even busier. I have in no particular order- a hen weekend, k is on a stag weekend, tickets to see hairspray at the theatre, a rehearsal for my friends wedding, another hen night/meal, bridesmaid dress fitting, a night out for a friends bday, my friends actual wedding, an easter tea party for m and his friends and two more cake decorating classes Then in-between all that I need to. Have a meeting with our caterer, our florist for out wedding, find fabric to make bunting, buy glass jars and candles for decorations, finish the wording for the invites, finalise the guest list.
And on top of all that I would like to, finish my document 2011 feb pages, scrap m bday pictures, do some crochet, maybe go to the cinema, and spend time with my family.

So um im busy. Understatement.

I will leave you with some iPhone pics of some layouts I've done recently. Plus some of m just because.

Love Leanne

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