17 Feb 2011

{Document 2011 - JAN}

I did complete for 2010 - but haven't posted photos but I promise it is done and finished and I love it. Hence why I am so excited to be doing it again this year!

My approach this year is to have a calendar page. I bought this PDF from 74LimeTree off Etsy. I printed it off on Kraft and filled in bits and pieces we did for the month. Stuck a pic of M from January - and made a little pocket next to it with some invites, cards and photos from the month.

Then onto the divided page, the ever talented Laura gave me a heads up the We R Memory Keeper page dividers which are fab. I got a couple of the mixed ones plus a pack of these square ones. But may need another pack lol! So Jan saw M start walking, K turning 30, New furniture, lots of bday parties, going back to work and spending time with friends.

And my focus page was out engagement party. YAY.

I used Studio Calico Kit throughout. Roll on Feb now.



  1. So jealous for Studio Calico x Love your pages and glad some other people are Documenting 2011 as well x
    Good idea with calender pages x

  2. Love, love, love! And I want to see your Document 2010!