1 Jan 2011

{Welcome 2011}

Firstly thank you so much for your lovely comments before. I have so many thoughts running round my head but I'm sure I'll have some friends around to help me.

Secondly Happy New Year. I have enjoyed reading round ups and resolutions on blogs around the world today.

My 2010 has been amazing it included...

a baby shower * leaving work * having a baby * becoming a mum * meeting new mummy friends * losing weight * learning about handy manny, mickey mouse & special agent oso * knitting/crocheting again * afternoon tea *a wonderland birthday party * going back to work * scrapbooking weekend in the woods * a friends amazing wedding * good friends getting engaged * a christening * baking a lot * loving being a mummy * getting engaged * growing older * a couple of cinema trips * learning to use a sewing machine * a few layouts * & a lot of photos (& I'm pretty sure I've missed out some things!)

I really wonder what 2011 will bring. I'm not so keen on resolutions but I like the idea of goals so here goes:-

  1. walk more with my family. we live next door to a park so must take advantage of this
  2. take more photos and learn to use my camera more
  3. make time for me
  4. host a dinner party
  5. make my home more pretty
  6. read more
  7. be more carefree and embrace myself.

Have fun out there now


1 comment:

  1. Happy new year hun - love reading the goals you have set - here's to 2011 lots to look forward to :)