14 Dec 2010

{JYC: The Beginnings}

I love to JYC. That is a fact.
However I also knew that this year my December would be pretty busy, exciting and lots going on and I wanted to record all this festivity down. To remember Maxwell's first Christmas. To do this I have approached my JYC slightly differently than I have done in the past.

My first point of call is to tweet my daily activities or thoughts or anything. That way I have a record to look back on.
Next I printed off a set of journalling cards from Shimelle's forum. I printed mine 4x6 and I will be chopping off the bottom to make my pages. I have then be transferring my quick journalling from twitter onto my journalling cards. These will then be the focus for my page. These will then make a very small almost December Daily album. With just the record of our Christmas Season and what happened.To make things even quicker I went through my 'Christmas' box of stash (you know what i mean!) And punched out a load of shapes. which are now all in a big quality street tin lol! I made up very quick little embellishments by layering the punched elements together. I used some plain white cardstock for the back and stamped stars and inked the edges. Adding a little bit of glimmer with a maya road mist in lime. A finished card assembled.
This mini book almost will them pop into my Christmas Album. I have been reading the JYC prompts (maybe not daily) and sitting down with my pen and notebook and writing. I'm hoping this journalling will then form the basis for the pages in my Christmas Album. I know it may not be finished by the end of January but I don't mind. I'm enjoying my Christmas too much.


  1. it all looks gr8 leanne and i want those quality street u removed from the tin please, heehee. maxwell's 1st chsristmas already, amazing
    Jo xxx

  2. love it so far! glad that you're giving yourself time to fit this in!

  3. This is great! I love how you put your punched items in a tin! That was a great way to store those items for quick use!