1 Dec 2010

{December time}

Good morning bloggers!!

Apologies for the blog neglect. Thongs have been pretty hectic- hence the blogging via iPhone!

I have done very little craftiness recently! But been having lots of fun.

Hanging out with these familiar faces.. And Shimelle and Katherine. We went and ate nandos, played in a crazy japanese photo booth, had afternoon tea at a very cute place called drink, make, do, played cluedo and drank sherbet cocktails!

This little fella is so much fun right now. Such a ball of energy. Trying to walk round the furniture and pushing his walker up and down the room! He likes to touch everything!! And now has 8 teeth!

I went on a date with k to see harry potter. I loved it, I cried and looking forward to the next release!

Yesterday we had a load of snow! Which caused my usual 45 min journey from work to take 4 hrs!! Not. A. Happy. Bunny.

Which leads me onto happy jyc day! I shall be trying to play along. But I think it will be a case of journal and photograph now and scrap later!!

Keep warm



  1. u poor thing stuck in the snow. i saw ur facebook comment too. glad u got home safely though. maxwell is looking like a boy now rather than a baby, he's grown so fast. see u soon in blogland
    Jo xxx

  2. your little one has gotten so big since i was last here! hope all is well!