28 Sept 2010

{The Christening}

It happened.

All the stress, nerves, worrying and planning but it happened. And as far as I know everyone had a lovely time - downside - I hardly took any pictures! Luckily Laura & Hubby were guests and she did an amazing jobs capturing all the scrapbooking moments (all the photos below are hers! Amazing right?! I love them all!!) I do have lots of pictures of the guests getting a bit merry and having a dance.

Things I want to remember:-
How well behaved my lil'man was. He was so good seeing as that morning before he was extremely grumpy!
How he moved his head out the way when the priest was trying to anoint him!
How he flinched when his head got wet!!
How I made a speech, thanking everyone for all there help!
How generous everyone was.
How K, Me and M danced too 'ain't nobody'
Onto the pictures - thanks again Laura xx


  1. Yeay, I've been waiting to see pictures! Congratulations Maxwell! And I'm so glad it went smoothly. He looks fab in his outfit and I love the cake. Can't believe he's so big already!!

  2. Heartwarming, lovely family day Leanne, how gorgeous. Enhanced of course, by fab photos!

  3. Fantastic family photos & beautiful cake! So glad the day was a success!

  4. such a cute babe! you have a beautiful family!