6 Aug 2010

{time flies..}

When your having fun hey!

Which why I have been MIA!! Apologies blog land. But my parents had a week off so we spent time doing fun things and the K had a week off and I Had my wisdom tooth removed - hence my slight lack of creative output.

I do have a ton of photos now to scrap! My pile to scrap is getting BIGGER!! And my to do list too - including a long list of books to read, things to learn etc! Good job I like being busy!

Anyhoo, I do have some creative-ness to share : D

My first sketch with Twisted Sketches went live, and thank you so much for everyone's well wishes :D I was very shocked to make the team to be honest!

You can check out the sketch here - and please let me know if you have done the sketch, would love to see it ;)

Plus the very talented SJ, has got a lovely download this Friday. August at the freebie Friday's is a festive one! so make a start on those cards!

(you can see my little ones toes in the background! he is sitting up now like a pro!! at 5 and half months!! we are also in the process of planning his christening as well!!)
Hope your all getting creative too! I'm trying very hard!! ;) Have fun!!


  1. love the LO and card, congrats on making the DT. Maxwell is certainly developing normally and quickly, before u know it he'll be rolling over and over to get things!!! next stop weaning.........messy but fun, better get the pureed carrot and other veg made and frozen into lil ice cubes. everything he wears will be orange from now on in!!!!
    hope ur recovering well from the wisdom teeth extraction, i remember mine being done by local back in 198** and they were impacted. i worked nights looking like a hamster and sucking yoghurt through a straw on a cardiac ward
    Jo xxxx

  2. Gorgeous card and feet! So sweet :-)

  3. Lovely layout, and a cute christmas card. Love how you've managed to make it look festive without any xmas papers! Good way to use up stash! x