24 Aug 2010

{Birthday greetings!}

SO today is my birthday! I am now 27 years old.

Today has so far been a very good day. Been spoiled with presents, surprise lunches and birthday cake with friends and so much love shown on facebook and twitter - my phone has been going off all day.

My life has now changed - so much for the better of course. I am no longer just Leanne. The geeky girl with a love for musicals, stationary and all crafty pursuits. I am now Leanne AKA Mum. The bit of strange woman who will strive to bake the best cookies for my son's school (a la Monica and the house of tollhouse) who is hoping to share with my son the love of films and music and theatre I have, that will be as excited as I was for starting a new term at school and who will enjoy getting messy with Mummy as we make presents for Daddy and artwork to adorn our fridge.

It is weird to stop and think about how much my life has changed. I would never have imagined 9 years ago when I met K that he and now Maxwell would be my life - my everything. I knew I always wanted to have children and do the whole family thing. And I am happy with my life now too.

I am apprehensive for the future of course, of returning to work, childcare, raising a boy - but right now as I sit here and type I can with real joy in my heart say Life is good. It amazing how little things can make you stop and think. I have really been truly spoiled today and it makes me realise how many lovely people are out there. And I know there are times when I feel like I have no one to turn too, and that I'm alone but I know I have K, (and of course all you blog readers ;) lol) but today is not one of those days.

So no pictures today - just words. Which may or may not make sense, that may be a bit much but I wanted to record my feelings. Normal service shall resume soon.

Other News,

The knitted socks are almost finished, I still have layouts to photograph and share, I'm getting excited about an impending wedding of two lovely people, and very excited about another September and learning something new.

Much love blogland xxx



    Glad you are feeling good about life! I'm loving being a mummy too, it's hard work but very satisfying isn't it? Hope you have a great evening! x

  2. Happy birthday Leanne! Here's to 27 more beautiful years to come! So happy that you're loving life!

  3. Awwww - lovely post! Glad you had a nice birthday!