20 Jul 2010

{Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages- Week 2}

Unfortunately this week I have not found the time to scrapbook so much, this is also coupled with my printer ink running out! Though I ordered some pictures through photobox and they should be here this week. But I have LOVED learning how to use my camera out of automatic mode. And I have been taking a load of pictures knowing now what I want from them, rather than just point and shoot! Here are some of my favorite shoots from this week's assignments.

In other news Maxwell turned 5 Months this Sunday and is now sitting up like a pro - we have a few tumbles as he is very nosey and can't do 2 things at once! LOL

Enjoy your day - i have a one layout finished and another on my desk awaiting finishing touches so should be back with pretty things too (plus collected my studio calico kit at the weekend!!)


  1. congrats maxwell on achieving another milestone, including playing with your feet, ;-))
    loving the pictures leanne and cant wait to see your LO.
    Jo xxx

  2. Great selection of photos. I really love the one of the fence post tops, it has great depth and colours. And the ones of maxwell are super cute - of course! x

  3. Gorgeous photos Leanne, I'm really behind on the class but loving what you've done so far. You've inspired me to get cracking on it at the weekend! Can't wait to see the layouts you come up with