30 Jun 2010

{Baby Loves List @ 18 weeks}

I had no idea before having a baby how much 'stuff' there is out there for little ones! But I soon discovered how quickly my life can be taken over by baby related things. I decided to blog mine (and Maxwells) current {heart} list.

** Sophie the Giraffe. I bought mine from Little Sunflowers but if you google it there are plenty of stockists. This Giraffe is so lovely - I bought on recommendation of a friend but it seems to be very popular toy amongst celeb babies at the moment. Maxwell has only just recently started to hold on to her - but it so easy for him to grab round her neck and chew on the ears and horns on his gums.
**Tommee Tippee Explora First Sips cup. I picked ours up in Asda - but so far it has been a big success. I've started using these cups for his water/juice for the day and normal bottles for his milk. He looks so proud when he holds and drinks. The cup is great as there is a valve system inside so Maxwell still has to suck to drink and it doesn't just pour out.
**Annabel Karmel Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner book. As Maxwell is getting to an age to start weaning I decided to pick up this book for a bit of advice. To be honest I had read some of Gina Ford but she just scared me! But this book did not do that. I felt quite calm and in control over the whole thing and gave me some great pointers to how to start.
**Babylegs. Now I read about these over at Heir to Blair (love this blog!! the tales of a Mummy!) And I fell in love with them! I knew that my little Maxwell needed babylegs in his life. I think there great - I pack them in the changing bag, and if it gets a little chilly while out I can pull these on and little mister has warm legs again. Plus I think they will be fab once he starts crawling (and now I want them in lots of colours. Currently owned green polka dot and cow print! oh and i got mine from ebay) **Jellycat Skidaddle Elephant aka Elly. This elephant is adorable and one of Maxwell's fave toys - he can hold onto the legs and tries to on many occasions put the whole thing in his mouth. This was a present from SJ at my baby shower but I really would like to get Maxwell some more - after seeing how much he loves this one. :)**Lazmaze Toys - are truly fab. Maxwell has Logan the Lion and Sir Prance-a-lot. He really lives both, really bright coloured, rings to hold, they make noise! What more could he want. We picked up both of his off Amazon but I know they are also sold in Toys R Us.

So that is my current {heart} list I'm sure in a few weeks/months time this will have changed lol - he is changing so quick!



  1. These are all so great! The second I find out I'm preggers, I'm going to order Sophie. She is tres chic!

  2. Oh wow, when I have kids I'll have to buy some of this stuff :) My colleagues wife runs a baby shop called My Little Patch, I think she sells baby legs too, but don't hold it against me if she doesn't :)

    Maxwell is so cute, I hope you're gonna scrap all his fave things with piccies of him with them!

  3. Those baby legs are sooooo cute! Don't think my daughter would fit into them anymore, but will definitely have to get them if we have another!