12 May 2010

{in review}

These last few days I have ...

Taken Maxwell to one of our local childrens centres for both baby massage and bumps and babes!

Scrapbooked a little. Trying to catch up with my document 2010 desparatly!!

Managed to snag a Bargainous bumbo seat for Maxwell.

Buying Maxwell his first book and taking him singtime at the library.

And adding some more photos to my 'photo wall'. It needs some embellishing now!!

The next few days will be...

Maxwell turning 3 months tomorrow(omg!) and next set of jabs.

Seeing Laura this afternoon and getting my hands on my first studio calico kit!!

Possible trying to scrapbook a little more.

Catching up on tv!

Reading my book, just in tje middle of a James Patterson and finding quite enjoyable to pick up and read! But also have girl with dragon tattoo and time traveller wife on my list. But my amazon wishlisy is huge!!

Buying Maxwell a cot!!

And that's about it... Oh and attempted to bake something! It's been awhile and mum bought my a rather lovely cake stand!! I shall be browsing my cookbooks!!

Enojy your week!!



  1. wow 3 months already, thats gone fast. dear zoo is brill and the lift the flap version even better. enjot reading while he's lil and not requesting 9 books in a row when he gets to choosing them for himself.
    Jo xxx

  2. 3 months? Omg how did that happen?! Maxwell is growing too fast! Look at him holding his head up already, what a clever boy!

  3. aw wow he looks so grown up already! can't believe he's 3 months already.

  4. Wow, time is flying past already isn't it? Dear Zoo is brilliant, and 'spot' books are a big favourite in our household too. Anything with flaps! If you want a brilliant bedtime story book I can recommend 'I took the moon for a walk' by Carolyn Curtis, I loved reading it to my daughter when she was a baby as it's very poetic and has beautiful pictures, but it's growing with her because now she loves spotting the little details.

  5. 3 months?? He looks a proper little boy now, not just all babyish - they grow up so fast but he is oh so cute!! Enjoy your time together xx

  6. Isn't he the cutest baby?!!! Enjoy these precious days with him as before you know it you will be taking him to school lol!!

  7. wow 3 mths has gone quick, cant wait to see you guys next month x

  8. Love the pic of Maxwell sitting in his seat. BTW, I've tagged you in one of my blog posts here:

  9. Leanne, Maxwell sure is one cute baby and where did the last 3 months go?
    Can highly recommend Stieg Larsson's Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as well as Girl Who Played With Fire. Hoping to lay my hands on the third book

  10. Just blog hopping from TCR and wanted to say I had the dear zoo book and all my children have loved it. Surprisingly all the flaps are still in tact!! LOL! They all loved guessing the animals and when they were little they would make sounds, so cute.