29 Apr 2010

{New Challenges}

is my life right now.

Being a mum has totally thrown up a whole bunch of new challenges. Just knowing that I am looking after him correctly and doing the best for him. Maneging a home life, and relationship with K - plus still have a social life myself.

Maxwell is 10 Weeks today - he is growing so much. So far in his 10 week of life he has been born (traumatic enough), had an IV and lumbar puncher, stayed in hospital with me, came into his home, started having bottle feed, had a first bath (which he loves) and has now got a big baby bath, been visited by a load of people - My parents, K's parents, his Anutie's and Uncle, Helen & Anthony, Dani & Luke, Shimelle, Laura, Rachel and Rob, Great Aunites, Great Grandparents, Second Cousins, Cousins. He has been to a family party, the races, SJ's House, the park, Kite Day, BBQ's, Ikea. We have made friends with the yummy mummies - Kate & Oliver, Katie & Erin and Nicole and Ella. He is able to lift his head up when on his tummy, and is almost rolling over, he loves his bouncy chair and swinging chair, he loves to push his feet against you when holding him, he likes a dummy, and loves a cuddle against you. He is such a good little boy.

Note to self - take picture today and add the above journalling to a layout!

In other challenges i have overcome this week - attempting to shop in Ikea on my own with Maxwell. This did not go so well as no one was able to help me carry stuff to my car! So had to call in reinforcements. Taking Maxwell for his hearing test, which he had to be asleep for!! This took a long while to get asleep but I did it!!

Also I stumbled across a new challenge blog this week The Color Room I do like a challenge blog, just helps sometimes get you thinking. This one as the name suggests is all about Colour Combos. So I was able to find a quick half hour here and there etc to put this layout together - Granted mine are not the exact same colours but I had no soft coloured stash! oops!!

Pictures are from our recent trip to the kite day!

Now you all enjoy your day!


  1. I'm amazed you managed to get some scrapbooking done with all that going on! Lovely to know you're having happy times with your little family. Beautiful layout! x

  2. Hey there! This is fantastic! Love it! TCR is great isn't it? I love it! All the best with your new bundle! :D