5 Apr 2010

{Happy Easter....and scrapping!}

Hello Blogland!

How are all y'all? Doing well I hope your all well!

Happy Easter....

This cute lil'bunny had his first easter! And this hat was knitted by the v.talented Rachel (thanks!!)
And as he is too small for chocolate - his easter pressies included - clothes, nappies and formula! lol!

We had lunch on Friday with my sister, Saturday went to on a little road trip with Daddy, and visting my mum and dad and Sunday was his first trip to Church and then dinner with Kev's mum and dad. Busy Busy!!
We have been coping well, he is such a happy little baby and we have made some local friends with mummies and babies. Good as gets me out the house!
I have also been scrapping (yay!) and got my hands on some new stash swoon! So I was using up some old page kits!
That's me for now, off to chill out with my lil man and K - maybe a walk in the park in on the cards.



  1. He is adorable. I love the yawn picture.

    Your layout is fabulous.

  2. Congrats on your little man's arrival (sorry I'm late), he is such a cutie.

    Karen xxx

  3. love the pics and layouts! glad you're enjoying this time:)

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  5. Awww bless him and his little yawn - and those ears - super cute! Love the LO's too, well done you for finding the time! xxx

  6. Oh my that little bunny is too cute.....he is yours or can I have him. TEE HEE! He is just darling Leanne.
    Well done on the scrapping front....it took me an age to get going after Miss E. You have not lost your touch my dear.

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