7 Mar 2010

{The Story of....}

Maxwell's arrival to this world!
So firstly thank you so much for all the comments and well wishes via here, twitter and facebook. We are all doing fine. Maxwell is now 17 days old! And K goes back to work tomorrow! So it's all me. In general he is a happy baby, obviously there are few tears and sleepless nights - but it's all good! I'm super duper happy!
And then this is my birth story....

On Wednesday 17th Feb at 2.00am I woke up with twinges in my tummy, I'd been having these for days like false labour pains. I got out of bed to try and walk them off. While pacing the front room I felt my waters break! Ok so I was a little shocked at this point thinking OMG this is it. I went back to bed and woke K - I said no need to rush to the hospital we can leave it a bit. I kept count of my contractions they were about every 10 minutes or so. I tried to sleep but not so easy. At 5.00am I called the hospital, told them I was contracting and my waters had broke. They advised to come down and they would check me over.
By 6.00am we were at the hospital - bags in tow. They hooked me up to a CTG to monitor Maxwell's heartbeat and the contractions. While sitting there my waters were continuing to break! Then the lovely midwife advised me...your still in the early stages of labour?! Seeing as my waters had broke and I was contracting they wouldn't send me home but down to the maternity ward until nearer delivery.
We settled into the ward, which was very warm by about 9.00am. Everyone had been advised that labour had started so our phones were ringing a lot. My contractions continued throughout the day and at points they were very uncomfortable. I tried to sleep and rest but was unable to. K was shattered too, made worse by sitting in direct sunlight, in a very warm ward. At one point he was so tired he was laying on the floor! LOL!
By 7.00pm I was in so much pain! But after being examined I was only 3cm!! Which means no going up to the delivery suite! And also meant I was still in the early stages. Oh boy! So the midwives had a little chat and decided they could give me pethidine. WOW strong stuff, but it meant I could sleep for a bit. As it wore of the contractions were getting stronger and at 9.00pm they hooked me up to another CTG and then decided to send me up to the delivery suite.
Though after another examination I was still only 3cm! I had gas and air (which K loved!) to help with the pain while they were deciding what to do, as it was getting close to 24 hours since my waters broke. I was in a lot of pain, and very tired. I decided to have an epidural. Great stuff which meant I could get some sleep. They also started giving me a drug to speed up the dilation along with fluids. However at 2.00am Thursday morning they woke me and they were concerned as the Maxwell's heartbeat was dropping after every contraction. This was not great. They tried to get me in different positions to boost his heartbeat but nothing was working. Also the epidural started to wear off.....
The delivery team decided it would be best to perform an emergency c-section as they were concerned about the baby. I had to sign a consent and then get rushed into theatre. They tried to do it via epidural but I still had feelings so they opted for a spinal block. Within 15 minutes of this being administered Maxwell was delivered at 4.25am. It was very emotional, as they had to rush him off to neonatal. K took him but they asked him to leave as they needed to do a lumbar puncher and put an IV in him.
I was wheeled out to recovery at about 5.45am where K was waiting and my mum and sister. And we finally got to hold Maxwell at 7.00am. I was so happy, I still am.
It was a long day but so totally worth it to hold my son. I have been truly blessed. I tell him everyday I love him, and that I will look after him. Being a mum is not easy I know but I love my new job already.
Have a lovely Sunday bloggers.


  1. wow what a complete labour story leanne. they never tell u labour is HARD LABOUR do they!!!!! u look exhausted but really happy in this photo and maxwell looks really settled and cute. glad to hear all going well. hope 2morrow is a smooth day 4 u.
    Love Jo xxx

  2. Congratulations to you all. The first part of your labour story sounds so much like mine - contractions but nothing happening and cos my waters had broken I couldn't go home. It's all worth it in the end though isn't it. Otherwise we would never do it all over again!!

  3. Fabulous story - thank you for sharing it. He's absolutely beautiful - but of course, you knew that already :0)


  4. Hey..Just Thought Id Pop By And Say You Have A Great Blog Here!!
    Keep Up The Good Work Hun!!
    Ive Just Started A New Blog :D
    Love Leanne

  5. Awww, great story! Quite similar to my daughter's labour and eventual c section! Hope you are getting some rest whenever you can! Maxwell looks gorgeous!!

  6. What a beautiful story. Sounds like you did an amazing job :-)

  7. congratulations - he is beautiful! what a scary and beautiful story all at the same time! enjoy each day with maxwell and your husband:)

  8. Thanks for sharing your lovely story. Congratulations again.
    Love Jackie

  9. Congrats on the new baby! Maxwell is adorable, I have a Maxwell too :)

  10. Congrats again Leanne. sounds like you had a bit of a tough time, I was so close to a C-section as Emily's heartbeat was dropping too, but the old forceps did the bloody job thank God. Hope you are feeling better after surgery. I can only imagine how hard things must of been those first few days.
    Maxwell is gorgeous and I cannot wait to see more pictures of him.
    Micayla xx

  11. oOh sounds like a hard time, it can be really demoralising when it hurts so much but you are no further on- but worth it though- he is super cute! Don;t worry, my first took 3 days to get out and by the time I got to the 4th I had it down to 3 hours, so practice makes perfect!!