17 Jan 2010

{Why do we do the things we do?}

Have you seen what the talented Shimelle Laine has put together?? All about why do we scrapbook?? What a cute project hey? So from seeing her project it inspired me to have a think about Why do I scrapbook?

I mean there must be more to it than just because I love pretty paper and embellishments?

Firstly I think I scrapbook for me. For something to pass the time, to enjoy, to relax and have fun with. I'm definitely one of those people who finds sitting down and not doing anything I waste of time (hence why I may be finding Maternity Leave a weird concept to get my head round!) I mean I do have the odd occasions where sitting in front of the TV watching trashy TV or a DVD is what is required, but more often than not I am always doing something else at the same time - i.e reading, knitting, crochet, online or sorting stash/scrapbooking. I do love to have this hobby, something creative I can do and make. Something I am proud to look back at, and think 'I made that!'. I've always been a creative person, and have a degree in Graphic Design. As much as I loved graphic design, I decided in my second year that even though I loved it - it was not so much as the career for me. I liked making things for me not through someone else's vision. That's what I love about scrapbooking, the pages I make need to please me only. They are not going in someone else album. So I someone else thinks 'God, why did she use that paper' or 'I would never use those thickers for that' - it doesn't matter. It's mine and I like it. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that I love every single page I create (my early stuff definitely not so much!!) but i would say that a strong majority of the time I make a page and I can look back and be happy! That's whats matter really. I like the freedom scrapbooking has given me too. It has made me more outgoing and sociable. It has given me a circle of friends and that I am very thankful for.

I also scrapbook for me and Kevin, our relationship. As much as this is my hobby, I am so happy that K appreciates it too. He really does like to look at my pages, look back over albums or suggest ideas for photos. He loves the photography side of thing which is something I am also grateful for. I know at times he does not fully understand it or does not want to have a discussion about what colour ribbon works best with those coloured buttons - he is willing to assit my hobby with taking photos. I love to show my pages to him after they are created. And even though above I have stated I scrapbook for me, his opinion is one I highly regard. So I love to get his reaction on the pages. It makes me happy to show him my pages, especially when they are about him or us. I love to see him read the journalling, and understand me just that little bit more. I am very lucky, as it was K who really helped push me in the right direction. I was a very dependant on him and was not so comfortable in going places without him. When I read up about a local crop, it was he who nudged me in the direction of going - even though I would know no one. But it was the best thing for me, I met local people who had the same hobby as me. Which then led me onto meeting people online with similar interests as me. Which as now led onto my scrapping friends. So thank you K.

I scrap to remember and to record. I really enjoy putting pages together to look back on. Pages that show photos of birthdays or days out or moments spent together. These are so nice to look back at to relive and experience the moment again. I also love the pages which record my life or feeling right now. Right now pages are fun and can tell you so much. Even looking back at pages created a month ago. I find this a great way to look back at how I spent my time. Even though we have the photos, looking back at the page with the journalling and occasional memorabilia really helps relive the moment.

I also scrap for my future family. Even before I found out I was pregnant, knowing that I was scrapping pages that my future children would be able to look at was something I loved. And know knowing my little one (who I can feel moving about right now!) will be able to in a few years time look at these pages of mummy and daddy is something which fills me with joy. Not only can we tell baby stories about us, we can show photos and pages and share the moment again. I can't wait to start recording baby's life and experience. I have a fellow scrapping friend (Debbie HI!!) and I remember being round hers one Saturday morning with her and her two sons. They were asking to see their albums. It was so sweet to see them sitting there, flicking through their albums and looking at the photos. Pointing at the pictures and telling me about them. They were so happy to see these photos and I think they remembered the moment so much more by seeing the photos. (and me reading the jouranlling!)

And part of me scrapbooks because I do love pretty paper, and embellishments.....and buttons, thickers, bling, paint, dotted swiss cardstock, ribbon, stamps, chipboard shapes, pretty albums, rub ons, masks, overlays and most of all photos. I just adore this combination of things together - it really does me oh so happy. I spent Friday afternoon putting together some page kits. Like proper page kits (my page kits are usually photos and paper but these page kits were FULL of thickers, stickers, bling, cardstock etc all in one baggie!) and it really did make me happy. To be sat there cross legged with a cup of tea and surround myself in what really is best termed as 'stash' I'm not so sure what this says about me so much but hey it's the small things. It really did make me smile seeing my pile of page kits full to bursting all ready for a bit of glue and tape. Happy days.

Apologies for the long post and lack of pictures but being lazy today!. But now I have the journalling down just need to covert this into a scrapbooking project - maybe a mini book?! So why do you scrapbook?? I would love to know!

In other news I did put those page kits to good use at the weekend. BUT (and I am fully blaming my baby brain at the moment!) I kind of left them behind (oh dear!) So I shall be getting them this week (Thanks Laura!) and once I have them I will photograph and upload! Also had a mini bump photo shoot at the weekend (thanks girls!) so shall also be sharing a few pics from there too!! We also went and got the buggy and car seat today, and sorted out the last few boxes in baby's room. It is all starting to come together now!

Happy Sunday bloggers!!

(4 weeks + 5 days)


  1. hi leanne,
    hope u r enjoying maternity leave so far. i love ur detailed blogpost about why you scrap. i was slightly more succinct but only because i thought i aught to be. have made my cover and now need to do the rest
    Jo xxx

  2. Great post! I have to get thinking about this topic!

  3. I love your reasons for scrapbooking - make sure you turn this into journalling on a page!