17 Jan 2010

{To Baby}

Hi Little One, (photo courtsey of Shimelle, SJ and Laura - thanks guys!)

Well its definatly been an exhausting, exciting and scary time carrying you around these past few months.

When me and your daddy found out I was pregnant with you we were so excitied. It was such a happy moment. It was July and I had just come back from a weekend away scrapbooking with the girls at GoGo. I had taken a test a few days before I went away which was negative, this made us sad but we were ok. But once I came back from the weekend I decieded to take another one, I had this feeling. And you know what the test came back positive. I hadn't even told your daddy that I was taking another test. I walked into the front room and looked at him and said, with a big smile on face - 'Um well I'm preganant!' Obviously we were both a little taken a back at first but also we were very very happy. We made the decision to not tell anyone until I could get to the doctors. SO for one whole week just me and your daddy knew this secret. This very happy secret.

That weekend I went to the doctors who gave me all the info,tablets to take, what appointments I needed to make etc. So this was it, it was happening WOW! big news. We called the grandparents next. and then the siblings. and then the friends. People were so excitied by the news, and from that day you were so loved by everyone. That night the friends came round to celebrate, with champagne! But from now on (well for the next 9 months at least) no alcohol for me. It is all for a good cause- YOU!.
A few weeks down the line, we had a little scare. We had to make an urgent appoinment at the hospital. Daddy took the morning off work and me too. We made it down to the Early Preganacy Unit at St Helier. The queue was huge! and very hot! We waited patentily in the room but both of us were very nervous and scared about what we would find out. When we got called we got taken into the scan room. They applied the gel and started the scan. And there on the screen appeared a tiny little dot, with a beating heart, a little beating heart. Beating away so quick. It really took our breath away, made the whole thing so much more real. This was happening. We were going to be parents and you would be our family. We got told then you were 6 weeks old and you would be due in early Feb. Oh my, this is it! Happy is not a big enough word about how we felt.
We knew then that we would need to look for a larger flat. Our old place, even though we had been happy there, would be way to small once you came along. Both me and daddy took a week off work to look for flats. We looked at a fair few, but then found this one. We knew then that we would be happy here. Nice size, nice bedroom for you and near the park. Perfect. As we found this flat we also decieded to go away for a few days. Your daddy loves accents and we decieded to go to Manchester. We had a really nice time and bought you a little present too. A teddy bear made with love.

We had a 12 week scan in the begining of August. This was it and all was progressing well. We could see you and you looked more and more like a the little baby you will become. This scan also meant we could tell the rest of the world about you. The annoucement on facebook went down well. Even more people excited to meet you and ready to love you. My work have been so happy as well about you, something I am thankful for.

We moved into the new place in September. And as I was carrying precious cargo I was forbidden to lift any boxes. I let daddy take control. I won't lie to you I did find the whole move stressful but mainly becuase I was concerned about everything being sorted for you.

We got settled and sorted then back to work for me. We did have a few more scares, which meant trips to the hospital. I'm sorry for worrying so much, but I just wanted to make sure you were safe and sound.

I have worried a lot about being good enough for you. For making sure we can provide for you and make sure you are happy. You are so important to me, I just want to make sure you have the best possible start in life.

As the months and weeks past you grew bigger, which in turn meant I grew bigger. I finally got me baby bump. And feeling you move on daily basis is pure bliss. As I got bigger things became harder and I was actually pleased to start my maternity leave. to spend more time with you.

Things are finally coming together now and we are ready for your arrival. I still worry about being your mum, I worry I will screw up or make a mistake or forget something or make a wrong decision. I sure though you won't mind, and daddy keeps reminding me that the fact i'm worrying about these things means that I will be doing anything in my power to make sure I get things right. Even though we haven't met yet, you are already the one things which is on mind daily. My concern is you. Making sure that your ok. In the mornings I lay there hands on my belly and count your movements, just before giving daddy a hug before he sets off to work. In the evening we sit on the sofa and watch you move about. Then when I get into bed in the evening, I lay there hands across my belly and count you moving about. This makes me happy. You are such an active baby, even in the early days getting scanned or trying to pick up your heart beat they would say you kept moving. Just like your daddy you can't sit still.

We both happy we made the decision not to find out if you were a boy and girl. But we have a few issues with the whole thing. For example buying your clothes or accessiories. Everything is either very pink or very blue. It's been a struggle to find things in between the two. Daddy and I love colour and have been a bit disappointed over the choices availble to us. Even once your here I don't think we would have all blue or pink for you. That's why I love your moses basket so much. It bright and funky with lovely colours and jungle animals. I hope you will be happy in there, and have sweet dreams. Our only other issue is choosing your name. Who knew that choosing name would be so difficult. We have been backwards and forwards over what to name you. So far we have a few ideas, if you turn out to a little boy we are thinking about Dominic, Maxwell, Lincoln and Issac. And your middle name will William George (a desicion made today). And if you a little girl we are liking Layla or Kyla and you middle name will be Georgia.

We are so excited to meet you. Keep safe these next few weeks.

We love you
Mummy and Daddy



  1. So sweet! My Grandads middle name was William George, I love it.

  2. Hey.

    When reading this it brought back all the pregnancy feelings i had whilst carrying Isabella, and that was only 4 months ago. We too were at the EPU at 6 weeks and as you know the feeling of seeing them and that they are ok, for the first time was beyond amazing, i wish you both all the luck in the world with your little baby, i know that he/she will be loved beyond comprehension, when you worry and your OH says thats a sign you will do it right thats what Jack said to me, if you didnt worry you would be bad, and i think its very true, you will never stop thinking of your baby first, Issy is the first and last thought on my mind every day and we are so happy she is in our lives, i truly hope you are as happy as we are, its the most incredible journey you can make, enjoy it hun, lots and lots of love xxxx

  3. leanne you write so beautifully - thank you for sharing, I am sat here with tears running down my face (happy tears of course, for you) - you are going to make a wonderful mummy! jen x
    (I am also told that asda have some funky bright coloured baby clothes, if you haven't looked there)

  4. leanne- that was lush, this baby is so lucky to have you guys are parents you will both be so awesome. I think you will have a girl! Cant wait to meet your little bundle take care x

  5. Leanne read this out to me after she wrote it and i cried, i'm not ashamed to say, it made the whole experience more real and reminded me of al that has happened. I'M theh lucky one having Leanne and baby in MY life.

  6. what a beautiful post. You are going to be such a wonderful mommy. Your little one is very lucky :-)

  7. Such a beautiful post! What a wonderful letter to your little one. This would make such a special keepsake if you printed it and put it in a baby book :)

  8. beautiful post! You'll be brilliant parents - you already love your baby so much and that's the only really important thing! xxx