31 Jan 2010

{January 2010}

This month I have mainly been finishing work and starting maternity leave, re-reading Harry Potter again from the beginning, celebrating K's birthday with a meal out and a small gathering at home, having a bump photo shoot with friends and at a studio, meeting up with to crop with the girls, having a meal out with workmates, dinner out with friends, trip to a small craft fair with mum and having a day out in Camden with K.
We have been preparing for baby by sorting out baby's room, buying the buggy and car seat, putting up the moses basket, washing baby's clothes and bedding, packing my hospital bag, thinking about names, going to antenatal classes, thinking about the birth plan and having a baby shower.

We have been mostly watching Gavin and Stacey, 24, Glee and new season of Heroes. I have been mostly watching America's Next Top Model, NCIS, CSI and Numbers. Plus a few films Bride Wars, 17 Again and Terminator.

I have been making 7 layouts, a fabric file cover, a crochet blanket for baby, a birthday card and starting a cabled scarf for K.

I have been mostly cooking a roast dinner in the middle of the week!, brownies, eggy bread (yum!), drop scones, 2 lemon birthday cakes, macaroni cheese, salmon wrapped in puff pastry, casserole in the new slow cooker, Madeira cake and homemade wedges.
I have also been filling my time by blogging, playing sudoku and bejewelled 2 on my iPhone, surfing the web, reading up on all things baby related and napping during the day.



  1. Wow! That all sounds so busy - it's a wonder you ever had any time to go to work?? xxx

  2. Super post!

    That cake looks AMAZING.

  3. Sounds like an awesome month, but I bet February will be better ;)

  4. Wow, you've been so busy... bet you can't wait for the big event now!

  5. You are definitely filling your time! I bet you can't wait!