11 Jan 2010


Change is a weird thing?! Don't you think??

Change is often a good thing but takes some getting used it. For example our recent change in weather here in the uk resulting in snow, ice and generally not great conditions. It's been a rather steep learning curve round here! Including me marvelling at people panic buying just in case!! Saw a family at the supermarket with 6 loaves of bread!!!!

Another change is that today is my first day on maternity leave! It's been quite weird today for me trying to decide what to do with my time!!

When I left work on Friday the lovely guys had got us some clothes for baby!! Super cute! Plus some ballons, flowers and sparkly sequins all over my desk.

As much as I was sad to leave I am so excited about the next step in my life.

So today I have done two loads of washing, washed up, put laundry away, searched online for a bit, had a shower, packed babys clothes in my hospital bag, worked out what else I need in my hospital bag, watched a film ( the women quite goid) cleared out some scrapping stuff and put together a layout!! Not to bad hey?!

I've had the idea of this layout around for awhile and today seemed a good day to put it down on paper.

As much as I am worried about becoming a parent, learning to cope emtionally and financally - I need to stop sometimes I think about what I am thankful for.

I am thankful to be 8 months pregnant, to be living in this lovely flat, for my wonderful oh K, for my family and for my friends (btw thanks so much for all the comments on the last post!! )

That's it really. Think it's time for another cup of tea, and another film!



  1. It'll all work out fine. If we only did things when they felt right, we would never do anything. Baby will come along and you will forget what it was like not to have him/her around. Make the most of the rest for now, cause your life is about to turn upside down!

  2. Make the most of this time to relax and enjoy it, I know I did. Goodluck with the baby.


  3. The joys of Mat leave......you have bugger all to do until the baby comes, but it sounds like you have been busy. Enjoy it!
    All will click into place when baby arrives, I think everyone worries about how things will be but it does all just fit......honest. We keep learning each day but things get easier. We learn to trust our emotions and instincts and we get on with everything just as we did before...okay so things may take longer!{esp when a sweet little girl is stook at the stairgate asking mummy for cuggles(cuddles) when I am wshing up} Things will be great Leanne, I am so excited for you.
    Take care xxx

  4. What a great post:) Nice co-workers, and I love your layout:)

  5. Sending you good wished for all that is to come! So exciting :-) What a lovely layout...it will be so fun to look back at that years from now!

  6. So exciting :-) Cherish this time - it's so tempting to just wish it away! Fab layout :-)

    PS We buy 6 loaves of bread every week for our family of 4...