5 Jan 2010

{back to normality}

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Festive season. Christmas was lovely, new years was nice and relaxed and also we had K's birthday, which again was nice relaxed a lovely meal and few friends. Taking it easy! I did bake him a couple of birthday cakes- I said he could have whatever cake he wanted and he opted for lemon. So I whipped up a lemon sandwich cake and a lemon drizzle cake! Both went down well- the lemon drizzle cake particularly which he has requested to be baked again real soon!!

This week is back to normal week after all the celebrations are over. Well kind of. This week is my last week at work before I start my maternity leave. I am very scared, worried and excite about the whole thing. I know sorting is probably normal but keep panicking about how will I cope emotionally, phyisically and financially!! It's a lot to take in and no going back now. The big day is fast approaching!!

Here's a picture i took this morning on my drive to work. It looked so pretty. This drove has become my routine, and I was happy about this. My job previous to this was really not good for me but making the decision to leave it was both hard and the beat decision i could of made. Starting at my job in august 2008 was such a good move for me. I have been so happy and found a job which not only am
I good at but I have enjoyed.

Knowing as of Monday i won't be making my daily drive to work i do find quite sad. Silly I know. Just very weird to think about not working, I've always worked and I'm sure I will find the transition a little tricky to begin with. Though I know the reason why I'll be on leave will be an amzing one.

I am making no plans for my leave. No big ideas to scrapbook a ton of pictures, crochet a couple of blankets, bake a few cakes. My plan to take things easy, I know this may be my last chance!

Last night I managed to do 3 of my jyc pages. I'm still behind, but last night I also sorted out kind of page kits for my other pages and packed away my christmas box. That is until We get our computer back and I can print off a few pictures from over Christmas to scrap!

I will also try and get a picture up here of me and my bump!!

Have a warm day people and be careful. Here in the UK more snow is predicted to fall!!



  1. yay we need a bump pic lol!
    love your jyc pages.
    I'm sure you'll find plenty of things to keep you busy while you aren't working, especially relaxing - very important!

  2. Maternity leave is a good time to genuinely just go with your flow...the days will fly by though I must say. Enjoy!

  3. You'll still be working, just at home:) Love the JYC pages - I am behind...on page 9! oops! Goal is to have it done by the end of January:)