1 Dec 2009

{JYC day 1}

Today marked the start of the holiday season for me! Journal your Christmas prompt in my inbox means Christmas is on the way!!

So I opened up at work and wrote my journalling! That I thought would be me for the day, and I was not going to worry about this. If all manage to do each day is te journalling or take a picture then so be it- the pages can come later. I have learned that this approach is better for me. I learnt this last year, as mentioned in my previous post I was sick last year but I still managed to do my journal up until boxing day. I think that was quite impressive if you ask me?! Lol. This year I will just take my time and enjoy the process of creating!

But to my suprise I had the time to put my page together this evening. I'm using a real mix of stash- ok the pages may not be the best in the world, the important thing to me is to record the memories.

This year I decieded to do an 8x8 album. In the past I have done a 6x12 and 8.5x11. And I love both of them!!!

Here it is page 1 of the album done and dusted (my album is till undecorated?! Oh well)

Thanks for the comments on the last post, let me know if you bake those cookies would love to see the pictures and here about it! I'm on a real creating Christmas bug! Seen a reciepe for some chocolate shards too- real simple, melted chocolate and you sprinkle with toppings I.e dry fruit, nuts or cake decorations! And leave to go hard then you break up!! Will let you know the outcome!

Over and out bloggers! Mwah!


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