11 Dec 2009

{JYC 09 days 8 & 9}

I love christmas

No I really do!! And I love the run up to christmas when you start seeing all the little signs that christmas is on it's way!! Like the red cups and gingerbread lattes at starbucks, tins of sweets on special offer!!, the Christmas songs on the radio (like right now I'm listening to Mariah Carey all I want or christmas!!), the coca cola advert on the tele and of course JYC starting up again!! I love this season!!

We as a couple don't have very concrete traditions! There's things we do like opening out presents at home in the morning, seeing family and having the tree with the same decorations. But overall were pretty flexible over the season. Next year I'm hoping to introduce new traditions for my little family. I was talking to k about this last night and I really want to make Christmas magical for my little one. It's something I remember from my childhood the magic of the season, leaving food out for Santa and believing in him!! I want to start getting ideas on traditions to bring in, any suggestions?! I've read on a couple of blogs about advent chiristmas books. Opening up a book each day with a new Christmas story- I really love this idea but baby will only be about 10 months or so next Christmas do you think this is too young???

In other news our desktop pc has decieded to get sick!! We can't login and everytime we do it just logs us out again automatically- any ideas on how we can fix our poorly pc!! These things always happen at this time of year I guess!!

That's me time to go to work now!! Oh well at least it's Friday x


  1. babys are never too young to start story telling leanne. it helps their language and social development. also its g8 for u as parents to spend more extra special time doing something fun but also developmental for the little one. enjoy the xmas period this year as next yr it'll all be new
    jo xx

  2. I was gonna leave a comment and say you can never read stories too young but I see you already have one!! I work with 4-6 year olds and you can so tell the ones who are read to. I was read to from a really young age and my Mum says she could hold a conversation with me by the time I was 18 months so go for it! Merry Christmas hun xxxx

  3. yay for your latest pages! i've been waiting for them:) what i do with our advent calendar is behind each day is something for us, my husband and i, to do together - for example, sing a christmas song, watch a christmas show, donate to a cause we both believe in, etc etc. im sure you guys, no matter what traditions you choose to do with the new lil one next year, will be awesome:)

  4. I agree with the comments above, it's never too early to start reading books and making traditions together! I hope you find a solution for your pc!

  5. I agree, never too young to read. He'll probably enjoy the rhythm of you reading! Pretty pages!