19 Dec 2009

{JYC 09 days 14 - 19}

Like many other bloggers it seems we are all playing catch up! Guess it's the December curse! Were all busy and rushing here and there. I have been doing my jounalling daily, but I took some time today to sit down and get it on some pages. On top of it being a busy December I have also come down with a cold. Which is no fun at normal times, but really knocked me for six! Guessing the preganancy has lowered my immune system, plus it means I'm very limited on what I can take to help ease the pain!! So thursday and Friday spent a lot of the day sleeping. Today I'm starting to feel a bit better but still not 100%!

Back to my journal....

At work we do secret Santa. A little bit of fun and secrecry!! This year I got a little cute cupcake and muffin cookbook! Kevin was pleased too. I've had a read and there are some really nice reciepes. So thank you secret Santa!

This year we are not just being visitors at other peoples houses, we are opening up our house on boxing day to friends and family. I am little nervous about hosting a Christmas gathering but I'm sure it will go fine.

I love this time of year. It always seem to get people in the mood of reflecting back and looking at life. I am so grateful for so many things right now, to be healthly, to be pregnant, to be in the new flat, for my friends and family and for to have Kevin in my life.

I am pretty much sorted on the presents front. This year for both sets of parents we have put together hampers for them. I spent the afternoon packing them today. They are full with chocolates, tea, coffee and a few other bits too.

Food planning this year has been a little different due to impending guests on boxing day. My usual planning is to not buy too much as we won't be at home. Very different this year. My plan for boxing day is to cook a few dishes and people can help themselves. I am also planning on baking a few goodies over the next few days too.

My letter to Santa. I used to love sitting down and writing my letter to Santa. This year I've asked for a happy Christmas with friends and family, that they like there presents, and that I enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy and have a healthly happy baby. Not too much to ask me thinks!

That's me all caught up now. Off to nurse my cold and chill out on the sofa. We had a Chinese with friends this evening so have plenty left over for snacking on tomorrow.



  1. Love all the pages sweets, and I know what you mean about trying to catch up!!
    I am sure that Boxing day will be fine, just prepare as much as you can so you don't get stressed on the day.

  2. Beautiful pages as usual! I'm so behind on both my albums, I wish I could just stop for 2 days and only scrap!

  3. Well done great pages. We are a crafting blog that love to share craft projects why don't you pop over to www.fiskarettes.co.uk and share your craft creations xx