2 Dec 2009

{JYC 09 day 2}

Today I'm ahead of the game, I have a midwife appointment today so had a little extra time this morning to put my page together!!

I would love to experience a white Christmas like in movies! When it snowed back in feburary it was so pretty and cosy being able to wrap up warm.

It has gotten cold all of a sudden, very chilly! It's a bit of shock as our new place is bigger than the last so it seems to be more cold than usual. My current routine when I get in from work is put heating on, cook dinner, make a hot water bottle and wrap on the sofa with a blanket. It's so comforting.

Here's my page 2 for today with some snowy pics I took back in the febuary snow day we had.

Enjoy your day people and wrap up warm- it's rainy here!! Oh well.



  1. Cute page - love the little bow. It's rainy and grey and horrid here too. Apart from the glitter that's flying everywhere...man I'm so untidy!

  2. Yay, I love it and I share the same wish. I just love snow or maybe i should wish for a little girl who sleeps!!! Gorgeous album too, I love it Leanne.
    I agree it has really got cold over the last few days.....here's to a white Christmas maybe!!!

  3. Hope everything went well at the midwife. Lovely page, that bow is gorgeous.


  4. wow beautiful page, i have the same wish to, snow snow and more snow. Your right on it being cold, to cold for me, i love my new sofas and a hot water bottle cant beat it.

    Much Love Katy xx