23 Dec 2009


I am a few days behind with my journal, well actually making the pages. My guess is my page update will be after Christmas now. I have been doing my journalling daily all ready to put into the pages! Not only have i been busy with work and Christmas prep, I have also been sick and the weather - i.e snow and ice has led to delays round here. On Monday it took me 4.5 hours to drive home from work when usually it takes me 40 minutes!

So its nearly here the last few bits of shopping is done, presents are under the tree, turkey defrosting and the Christmas Yankee candles are burning! ( currently mistletoe and Christmas eve!)

I just wanted to stop by an wish everyone a merry Christmas, I hope you all get some lovely gifts and have a wonderful day of enjoying the season.

Right I'm off to rest as I seem to be having one active baby belly this evening!! Trying very hard to take it easy!!

Merry Christmas bloggers


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  1. Merry Christmas!! I am sooo behind as I've mentioned before on both my scrapbooks I'm making...a good January/stuck inside b/c of bad weather project:)