6 Nov 2009

{When meals go wrong...}

Now I am not a bad cook - i'm not a great cook either, I'm just an OK cook. I can follow a recipe, I can make things up and dinner is usually a nice meal.

However I discovered last night something about me - I think I may be a cooking perfectionist! Not the kind of masterchef perfectionist - but more the I want everyone to enjoy there meal kind of perfectionist. If you understand me.

Last night I cooked a meal which was quick and I really enjoyed. K not so much. I wasn't the actual taste of the food, but the smell while it had been cooking had not really agreed with him. Bless him he did eat a fair portion of it but he did not ENJOY it. This upset me. Now I'm not sure if this pregnancy hormones causing me to over sensitive or just my in built make up that makes me feel this way.

K was not complaining, did not make himself anything else or refuse to eat it. But the fact that I knew he had not enjoyed his meal made me annoyed with myself. Like I said this is not an often occurrence, usually my cooking is OK to Good on a sliding scale! Anyone else like this? It's like I have this little desire inside me to ensure that I look after people and by knowing that I have not succeeded it makes me feel not good enough!

I have also had another recent cooking meltdown - (this was I think I can link directly to being pregnant) It was a few days before we moved and the whole place was in boxes. I was cooking and well, I managed to ruin RICE!! I mean we have a rice cooker - how can I ruin rice?? This caused me to have a slight tantrum (yes I think this is the right word!) and K was fine, told me not to worry, he'd go get some chips or something from round the corner. But for me this was not good enough, and that very point in time, this was the very worst thing that could ever happen (please tell me other people have had moments like this?!) This then turned into tears and eventually after I had calmed down I kinda realised that it's not actually the end of the world! Makes me laugh now to think of it.

I like to cook, and I like people to enjoy there food - I think that's the bottom line. Sometimes things go wrong, but hey there is always another meal to make!!

Also apologies for no photos to go with the story, our camera is sick!! So i shall be calling Canon this morning and our little point and shoot - batteries dead! Need to buy some new rechargeable (they seem to have disappeared in the move!)

Other news: We now have a second wardrobe up and almost functional (missing door handles), i ordered some new thickers and some Christmas papers which arrived (yum!), my crocheted blanket for the baby is not moving very quickly!, my 12 days class started - great idea yesterday just gotta get my thinking cap on and it is the weekend tomorrow which means - fireworks, boxing, x factor, wardrobe sorting, food shopping and maybe some relaxing.


  1. I would say it's hormonal - notthat you don't want everyone to enjoy what you cook, but to get upset about it if they don't lick the plate clean and then are a bit honest!! Let it be hormonal Leanne, because when thebaby gets here, there will be whole meals which you don't even notice, let alone taste properly!!

  2. I agree with Julia. Having had 4 babies, I can assure you these irrational moments are DEFINATELY hormonal!! I don;t really do crying, but I'd cry over a fallen leaf when I was pregnant!!

  3. OOOOH congrats Leanne. I did not know you was pregnant. I really must check my fave blogs more often.....bad me! Right i am adding you to bloglines then I will not miss anymore news. When are you due?

  4. I've had days like that too. I'm not pregnant but have been sick and I should NEVER EVER cook or craft when I'm sick. We all know that in my house but I still try it and then am surprised when it doesn't turn out. I'm glad that you have realized that it isn't the end of the world. It could be worse. When I was pregnant with my first son I couldn't stand the smell of meat. I learned that on some steak! It smelled like vomit (sorry but it did) and so did every other piece of meat until later in my pregnancy. My other pregnancies, no problem! Oh well, life goes on...