3 Nov 2009

{to blog...}

....or not to blog? That is the question! Well i think I'm more in the to blog group than the other! Hmm!?

Well as you may be able to guess Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers kicked off yesterday, and thankfully it eases us in gently! I'm loving the format of the class already, offering different options depending on what is going on in our world right now!

Today I had no chance of sorting out a layout this evening (as we are flatblack heaven today!!) Yesterdays prompt is all about how and why we blog. This is a question I have asked myself before, as sometimes I do think it's a bit weird!! But I am loving the approach to blogging Shimelle is teaching us. How to use a blog to record our memories that we may not have a chance to scrapbook right now!! But still want to record the memories right now! I had never looked at blogging in a way before I must admit. I mainly find blogging a way to share new layouts or stuff and also a way to keep up to date with my online friends. I think blogging it a great way to find inspiration and share inspiration, but it can also be a way to comment on my daily life. Now i know my daily life may not be of interest to all readers but I now see that me recording these things here will be something to look back on. Be able to see what was happening in my life right at that point.

Yesterdays prompt also included us saying out loud our 'blogging goals!' And since reading the prompt I have reassessed mine. My blogging goals include:
  • to use my blog as more effective scrapping tool. To record things as they happen, big or small.
  • to try and blog at least once a week (i know this may be tough!) Even if it is just a mini weekly round up. I think when Baby comes this will also be useful to look back and remember the little things with Baby.
  • to try (VERY) hard to do something creative once a week. Whether its a layout, or even as small as planning a layout and writing the jounalling taking the picture and posting on the blog!
  • And I will not get stressed out if these goals do not work out! Being a Women we are allowed to change our minds!

I think that's it. I haven't had a chance to look at my other classmates posts but good luck to you all!

In other daily news! (see it's working already!) Over the weekend I managed a little baking! Which pleased K!

I bought this new cupcake cookbook which has some real interesting recipes. I tried out the Jam Doughnut Cupcakes. Very tasty!

I also whipped up a Victoria Sponge. YUM!!
OK must dash now. As previously mentioned we are putting together a new wardrobe this evening. Well I'm not, my sister, brother in law and Kevin are.


  1. hey sweet,

    Awesome looking cake, it was lovely to see you on Saturday xx

  2. Hi Leanne - I'm in Shimelle's class too, hopefully will give my blogging more purpose too. I have that cupcake book - haven't tried those jammy ones yet, but am quite tempted now!

  3. Great goals! I love that you've committed to not letting yourself get stressed. I need to do that! -Sharyn (sharyncarlson.typepad.com)