4 Nov 2009

{The story of Me and Him}

I think this may be one story I have yet to actually scrapbook. I mean I've scrapbooked our birthdays, days out, how much I love him, how he make me happy and how I feel about us. But I don't think I have actually scrapped how we became an US.

This picture was taken about a month into our relationship. We first met on the 2nd August 2001 in a bar and we met through mutual friends. I have know my friends H and A since I was 11, we met through a church youth group many moons ago. Prior to the date of meeting - H and A had started dating (they are still together now too and were all still friends!) and well A had this friend, K, which he went to School with. K and A had stayed friends since school, they lived round the corner from each other and knew each others families. So A brought out his friend K for a night out. And this is where it all began....
When I first saw K I remember thinking he was good looking, and had a real presence about him. I was automatically drawn to his friendly and outgoing nature. I think the first words we said to each other (except the usual Hi How are yous?) went a little something like this:
K: Would you like a drink?
L: Sure, Tequila please!

Classy, I know! but hey I was young. At this point in my life I was 17 nearly 18, I had never had a real relationship but I had finally stopped worrying about all that and was enjoying being single. I think this is what took me by surprise - I wasn't looking for it but it found me.

The night then proceeded to a club known locally as 'the schoolkid', now I won't go into all the drunken details of the this. Let's skip right to the end of night and K gave me life home. Again we'll gloss over these details and go straight to part were we agreed to meet up again tomorrow. K came and picked me up from work that night. I remember being at work and feeling so excited at the prospect of seeing him again - you know the butterflies in your tummy, can't eat kinda feelings. We sat in his car and talked. I was very happy.
The next day I went away camping for a week we spoke while I was away and I was so looking forward to seeing him again. When I came home from my break he came round to my house. He turned up at 7.50pm! (Early I may add, he was due at 8pm!) He met my parents and brought me a single white rose. Right there and then I remember having a huge grin on my face and already thinking I was lucky.
The next week we spent a lot of time together, then off K flew to New York for his cousins wedding. While he was away I had my 18th birthday. The sweetest thing, he called me from America on my birthday on the night of my party just to wish me a happy birthday. When he came back, he had brought me a few gifts. But the one thing he got me which has stuck around all this time is....

This number plate. We had only been 'together' for a few weeks but I think this was a good omen...

Of course there are other stories but these can be told another day...

I really am glad that we met all those years ago. Of course there have been bad times, tough times and times we have cried- but there have also been funny times, happy times and I something for sure I would not have it any other way.

And I actually managed to scrap this story this evening as well. See i'm keeping up with my blogging goals already. I really love this layout and i'm really glad I was able to get this story in our albums.

So that's me blogland for this evening at least. Off to have a think about the next blog prompt!



  1. Awww...that is such a sweet story. Maybe you already have but if not you should both go to New York. I went for the first time last year and LOVED it! See you in class :)

  2. cute cute story nice of you to share it xx

  3. Fab read! Great title for the LO to Mrs, love it.

  4. Aww what a lovely story! Love at first sight eh?

  5. Gorgeous photo of you both, plus a cute story and super cute layout. I love it! Xx

  6. lovely layout, lovely photo, lovely story, thanks for sharing!

  7. What a lovely story to finally document!

    Annie B