12 Nov 2009

{I am Lucky}

Not lucky in the sense of I just won a million pounds!! But that would be nice, but I think I'm lucky in the sense of life.

Isn't weird to think that we so often scrapbook the big events - the birthdays, the night outs, the day trips or holidays but I know I very often forget to scrap the smaller things. The little moments, the taste of real life to be recorded and remembered for years to come. The more interesting parts of life sometimes get forgotten in trying to scrap all the other things which go on. I hope this is something which in the future when baby comes is something I will be able to do as well. To not just journal this is baby at 2 months old! but to show the how's or the why's of the photo as well.
This is what got me thinking about me and my life right now. Take this picture.
As much as I know this is me and Him out in the park, looking at this picture makes me think much more things. Which is why it just had to be scrapped- even though it's just normal snap shot - nothing special, no big event it makes me think of happy times. (edited to say this layout is inspired by a layout by Shimelle Laine - but I can't seem to find a picture of it online! Sorry!!).The journalling reads:

I am lucky

Its days like these which which make me reflect and remember all the reasons why I am lucky.

This day was nothing special or extravagant. A walk in the park, a slice of cake at a cafe and watching x factor on the TV. This day was just full of normality. This is why I am lucky - to have days like this with you.

Where we can enjoy each other company, where we can find happiness in the little things like holding hands or eating dinner together. I hope that when our family expands we can still find time for each other and be able to enjoy the normality of life like we did this day.

We don't always need the big adventures but can be content with the little things life throws our way. I am lucky.

Thanks for looking!! xx


  1. My baby is 16 now, but her arival made my journalling and then scrapping change drastically. I like to scrap the little things.. pics of her shoes all over the stairs, her artworks..on the eggs int he fridge! Just everyday smiles ..I've sort of let the big things go a bit..so I need to learn a balance I guess. Great post!

  2. Great post Leanne, and fantastic layout! I love ordinary days! WHERE did you get the Cosmo Cricket boyfriend alphas? I've been wanting them for ages and can't find them anywhere!

  3. Since I had children I seem to scrap the little things more than the big things. Eating, in the bath, sliding on a slide, wearing sunglasses, pulling tongues. However, behind with Christmas, birthday and days out layouts!

  4. This is beautiful. It's the little things that add up to the big things anyway :) You should look at this post I came across today on someone elses blog. Sums it up perfectly :)

  5. sometimes those random snaps turn out to be the best - you look so happy in that shot :)

  6. awwww, great post and I love the LO. Such a cute photo of you two!

  7. That is a great photo and layout! I love the composition of your photo :)