12 Nov 2009

{Getting all Crafty}

Phew, i have had a busy couple of days - work, hospital appointments and general life really!
Now I've been doing this 12 days workshop run by the copy and paste girls - and I have been having a lot of fun! And inspired by these daily classes I made turned this...
into this....into this...Which will be going on my Christmas tree this year! I loves it! And the bonus - so does K. Even though he did think I was bit crazy sitting there wrapping bits of ribbon around card! (apologies for crappy pictures!!)

Thanks to these girls I have a nice long list of things I want to make and do now!!

In other creative news my crochet blanket for baby is coming along slowly!! Painfully slow in fact - must crochet quicker....so I can start the next one! lol!

I'll be back soon with more fun! Promise!
TFL! xx


  1. Your tree will look fab! It is amazing how well ribbon works on them isn't it ...whether you look mad making it or not! I can just imagine a pom-pom mobile in the nursery too! x

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh they look lovely, I can remember doing these with wool when I was little.


  3. I love this so very much! It will look amazing on your tree!

  4. That is one seriously gorgeous pompom! I need to get myself into gear and make something. I have really been enjoying 12 Days ..I wonder what they'll come up with next?

  5. That's genius, why did we never think of this before, must go and make some now.

  6. Oh that's so pretty! How fun!

  7. Wow Leanne, your pompom is beautiful!! And how clever are you, making that sweet blanket for baby?! Well done.. look forward to seeing more of your creations.

    (not a load of numbers really!!)