21 Nov 2009

{Doing Something Nice..}

This blogging for scrapbookers class has really opened up my blogging world. The result has meant my google readers is now huge!!! I found lots of lovely blogs and people,
One of these lovely people, Meghann, has given me a little blog award! So in the spirit of playing along with the blogging world I thought I would take part!

The rules of the award - list 5 random facts about me and link to 5 other blogs.

My 5 Random Facts!

1) I'm a big tea junkie but during my early pregnancy I could not drink a single cup!! as it made me feel sick. I am now finally able to drink a cup of tea yay! Decaf though I may add.

2) I love my iPhone - especially all the apps you can download. My current fave game on the iPhone is Bewjewelled2 which links the scores to my facebook page! It is very addictive but I just cannot beat my mum's scores!!

3) I'm enjoying being pregnant. There are times when I find it hard and times when I'm scared but overall i'm happy and looking forward to the future

4) I love crime drama - Poirot, Miss Marple, Midsummer Murders, CSI, NCIS - though my love of these is a bit strange as I'm also quite squeamish!!

5) I love to flick through food magazines and cook books. I have a shelf full of cook books!! and have even asked Santa for some more!

The blogs I'm giving this award to are Sally, Chey, Sarah, Anne and Claire. These are all recent blog finds for me!!

Thanks so much for stopping by - I promise to be back soon with some creative pursuits! I have a few things in the pipeline - including a few little blog hops with some lovely ladies!!

And it's almost that time again - Journal you Christmas woohoo!!



  1. hey yummy mummy to be.....

    thanks so much for my award thats so sweet, :O) i love your blog, and your work, looking forward to seeing lots of baby LO's i the near future and to seeing you JYC , i cant wait to start it too xxxx

  2. wow interesting answers about yourself leanne. hope ur reasting up now as pregnancy goes on. see you for JYC,
    jo xxx

  3. Love the randoms, and excited to see the creative stuff you have been doing!

  4. Oh my gosh, Was not expecting that! Thank you for my award, you have made my day!! C x

  5. So glad that you saw your award on my blog, I totally forgot to send a message to all my recipients! Duh! P.S. I love cookbooks too!

  6. Oh wow, thank you Leanne! I'll have to give this soome thought! ;o)

    See you during JYC!

    SarahLP x