5 Nov 2009

{5 little things I'm loving right now!}

It is currently 5th November and this is what I am loving right now.

1. Being pregnant and feeling baby kick and move about on a daily basis. It is sucha weird sensation but also makes me smile.

2. Living in the new flat. We have so much more space and it feels so much like home, which makes me happy.

3. Red cups at Starbucks which means Gingerbread latte. I love this time of year.

4. Ben and jerrys ice cream, eaten straight from the tub! Currently my fave is half baked- which is chocolate ice cream with chocolate brownies and cookie dough!! Yummy

5. Our v+ box. We used to only have freeview but in the new place we were able to get connected! I love being able to record programmes and catch up at my own time!

So that's my positivity note for the day!!



  1. With you on the Starbucks red cups!! Love them. I also have a weakness for Ben & Jerry's from the tub, they were on offer last week at Asda 2 4 £3, I bought 6!LOL. been a while since I felt a baby kick tho, he's 16 nxt month, but remember it well. make the most of the peace and quiet! C x

  2. Yeah, I loved the baby kicking feeling. Yum yum Ben & Jerrys

  3. Gotta love the gingerbread lattes in the red cups! I wonder if they are available now ;)