30 Oct 2009

{tv couples!?}

So I was doing a little blog hopping on my lunch break and I stumbled among this funky little project of a book of lists! -sure looks like fun!

As I'm a little late to the party so have no book prepared so I thought I would blog it? Hey until I get sorted!

So the first list prompt - tv couples that should have got it together!

1. Ross&Rachel- none of this shoulda coulda woulda they just click and should have stuck it out

2. Daniel&Betty - they are just too cute together and are so good for each other!

3. House&Cameron - she mellows him and makes him almost normal

That's all I can think of right now.. You got on any other suggestions??

Have a lovely weekend y'all!!



  1. It can't be Daniel & Betty, I love him!! LOL C x

  2. Goodness me - I ONLY KNOW THE FIRST COUPLE!! And i thought I watched too much telly!!