27 Oct 2009


Well life has been ticking along nicely at the moment. Last weekend was a really nice chilled out affair. We did the food shopping, went to the carvery, went to the cinema to see 3D UP (very good!), watched X factor, had a couple of friends round, went for a walk in the park, took a few photos, had m&s dine in dinner, ordered a new wardrobe and I crocheted a bit! All in all a relaxed couple of days. We are making the most of these times!!

I have also signed up to a couple of classes as well. The first is
the copy+paste 12 days of Christmas project. it something a little different to what I would usually do but I do love these girls style, so I though why not try it out?? No harm in that now is there??

My other class is
Shimelle Blogging for Scrapbookers. I am looking forward to this - and actually learning how to blog!? Is it just me or do sometimes you worry about what to write or update?? We have already had the first workbook which talks about the basic technical aspects - so watch this space as I attempt to give my blog a makeover.

In other sad news, the demise of Scrapbook Inspirations! I was truly shocked to hear the news that it would be no more! Such a shame. Everyone involved was so very talented! The magazine will be missed.

In exciting news, I'm taking part in the advent swap at my local crop which is always fun each year. So I'm having to start the process of shopping!!! Scary!

Also - anyone been watching X Factor?? I love Olly! And what a shocker with Miss Frank at the weekend - but its all Louis Walsh's fault and those silly twins!!! And been watching Strictly Come Dancing - I love Ricky Wittle!! Yum!!

So that's me must get back to work - hopefully I'll be back soon with some eye candy!!



  1. Hi Leanne,
    Loving your blog! Seen your lovely LOs in SI - can't believe it's going either.. such a shame. I came over from 12 Days but I see you're doing Shimelle's Blogging class too - snap!

    Congrats on your pregnancy too! Make the most of your remaining child-free time.. ther's no going back!! ;o) (it's all good though, really :)

    SarahLP x

  2. Hi Leanne, I've just dropped by from Shimelle's - looking forward to doing BFS alongside you! So far I've resisted the temptation to sign up for 12 days (because I'm already doing WAY too much...) but my resistance is weakening by the day!!

    Oh, and congrats on the baby :-) That'll give you lots to blog about and no time to do it lol!

    See you in class ;-)