24 Sep 2009

{new home}

So we did it, we moved. It went really smoothly. Except currently no Internet thank god for the iPhone.

So our new house number is 21! Same as our last place-must have been fate. Now even though the move was smooth we have had a few issues!! But enothing major. I'm completly loving the new place we have so much more space!!

So I have been trying to make the place look homely so I took this week off work. One new love for this place is that we have a dinning table! Our last place there was no space but I love having a table!! Flowers courtsey of my sister!

Also this new place has a little balcony and French doors even though were ground floor!! And my parents bought us a little window box!! Super cute!!

And finally today I put the oven to the test and baked some cupcakes!! Which K is very happy about!!

So that's me! Were all safe and sound!! Thanks everyone for the well wishes!!

Loves!! Xxxx


  1. Happy new home. Hard workd but totally worth it, huh!

  2. Enjoy your new home, glad the move went ok! Enjoy the nesting you are doing xxx