16 Sept 2009

{Moving on!}

So my recent lack of blogging or anything creative for that matter is due to me being surrounding by towers of packing boxes! Saturday is moving day, I am very apprehensive and worried about the whole day (luckily Kevin and our families and friends have been brilliant support!) But I am also really looking forward to a new place.

We have been in our current little flat for 3 and half years. And I am really gonna miss it!! But the new place is fantastic too - bigger with an extra bedroom for the little one!

Even though my creativity has not really been happening at the mo I have been browsing amazon for books! Any suggestions greatly taken - was looking for some baby knitting or crochet books and maybe some sort of sewing beginner books. My nan is kindly donating one of her sewing machines to me!

Finally big big congratulations to the new SI dt - especially my fab friends Laura, Chloe and Jen! You girls rock!

So tha's me for a while ( I have no other news to share as my time has been spent packing boxes! Oh but I did buy a cool little gadget which allows me and K to listen to baby's heartbeat at home! Defo puts a smile on my face!)



  1. It'll be fine - take a deep breath and expect to be tired! After that, unpack as much as you can as quickly as you can bear to - or it waits and waits and waits and waits and...proves how little stuff you actually neeeed...good luck!

  2. good luck with the move, you'll be fine. just take it box by box with the unpacking - we made ourselves open a box and completely unpack it before moving onto the next one, otherwise you end up with a whole bunch of half empty boxes!

  3. Good luck, I hope everything goes well. Moving is massive hassle but nearly always worth it.

    Make sure you take lots of pictures, especially of the new place before you start to unpack and then when you feel like you're not getting anywhere, you can look back and reliase you actually are!

  4. Just wishing you luck with the move and have fun, but make sure you take it easy. Lovely to see you on Saturday even if it was a short stay. xxx