21 May 2009

{A lotta stuff really}

So I know i haven't blogged in a while - i kept meaning too but other stuff sorta got in the way! So here I am updating and everything - shocker!! I am loving lists at the mo, so this blog entry will be in blog format!!

1. I got my hair cut - it was intended to be just a tidy up but ended up like this - I think I like it.
2. I scrapped! I went to my local crop, but spent half the day organising my stash into 'page kits' for my impending retreats/crops - but I managed a couple of layouts with the new gogo kit.3. I really need to get myself sorted for my gogo retreat - got the class list through and they sound AMAZING! Just gotta get the photos sorted now!!
4. I am spending way too much time surfing the web for all things craft related - currently my visiting includes - craftser - a US craft forum, full of inspo (is there anything like this UK based), Big Picture Scrapbooking - I keep looking at the classes umming & arghing over them (the whole should I shouldn't I battle) - the make lounge now this is UK based and wow, this place sounds fabby - I'm planning on doing a class in July! Yay!!

5. I have been embracing over crafty pursuits. The result of browsing on a load of craft sites means I get itchy fingers over what to make! So I have picked up my knitted socks (must finish), my above mentioned surfing also meant I found out about this lady, Jenny Hart, which meant I bought a book of amazon and now attempting some embroidery and also just ordered some more wool to make a crochet bag!! (and also itching to attempt a big crochet blanket - but I mustn't at least until some of the above mentioned is sorted!!)

6. I recorded my weekend - inspired by the ever so talented Ali E - here are some of the pics of my Saturday and Sunday (which included new stash from America (love my martha stewart punch!), strawberries, Chinese, 2 bbq's, a birthday and harry potter)
7. I am still reading Harry Potter, I am on the Half Blood Prince and still loving it. I am also reading Backwards in High Heels - which so far has been quite interesting!! Talking about how romantic love is an unattainable state of love to live in - you have to eventually move past that love into a whole other level of love, understanding and friendship!! But I keep seeing other books I wanna read but being good and not buying until I finish HP. Those other books include - Jackie Collins, Married Lovers - My guilty pleasure of reading, I have read nearly all JC books and devour them, I just love the trashiness!! - Twilight books , I have heard some good reviews of these and looking forward to sinking my teeth into them!! - The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown - i really enjoyed Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons (really wanna see this at the cinema too!) so hopefully this book will be good too! Plus liking the look of Mr Toppit, Charles Elton - Mystery Man, Bateman - But if anyone has any other suggestions for good books let me know!!

8. TV wise - still loving the Apprentice. But mainly we've been watching DVD's - like Back to the Future and House on boxset!!

9. Loving the thought of a long weekend!

10. I'm super excited about getting on the bellaboo DT - congrats to all the other girls too - Lori Laing, Rachel Tanner, Maria McPherson, Rebekah Norman & Audrey Tan

That's all for now


  1. Congratulations on making the design team, you have been a really busy bunny .... only two weeks until the Getaway xxxx

  2. Cute hair cut! I really like your layouts...especially all of the little details! And I hear ya....I spend Way too much time blurfing....but I Love it!:>