30 Apr 2009

{Film Night}

Those who know me may also know that K is rather big comic book geek!! So he was v.excited about the new wolverine film - and last night it opened, so we were there in the cinema watching it by 9.00pm!!
And well I loved it. Great storyline, great actors and some impressive action - plus Hugh jackman!!!! I loved all the other x-men films too and this one was no disappointment!!
On another note - since creating my igoogle account and using google reader( thanks to the suggestion of Laura) I have found all these other blogs to read and inspire me. One I follow is creativity prompt. It's not specific to scrapping but is just general inspiration. This weeks prompt is about favorites. I really like these kinda of idea to record my favorite right now, it might even end up on a page!??
What is your favorite book? At the moment Harry Potter, as i'm re-reading them.

What is your favorite song? Randomly Ironik ft Chipmunk - Tiny Dancer

What is your favorite color? Pink of course

What is your favorite destination? Well I haven't really travelled alot but I did really like Portugal.

What is your favorite memory? Playing pretend at my Nan's house that I was a princess!!

What is your favorite TV show? Gossip Girl (but I'm only on series one, late joiner!!)

What is your favorite movie? Hairspray!!

What is your favorite food? Chili Beef and Rice

What is your favorite desert? Ice cream - love all different flavours, last night I had Cookie Dough and Lemon Sorbet!

What is your favorite treat? Starbucks

What is your favorite car? Influenced by K - i'd say American Muscle!!

What is your favorite piece of clothing? My Jeans

What is your favorite fashion accessory? At the mo, I'm inspiring towards Hair Bands with bows!!

What is your favorite perfume? Chanel chance

What is your favorite leisure activity? Does scrapbooking count? No I like swimming

Who is your favorite author? As I mainly read chick lit!! It would be Jackie Collins

Who is your favorite actor/actress? Will Smith

Who is your favorite singer? Lilly Allen

Who is your role model? The women in my family

Where is your favorite place to be? At home, on the sofa, with K, good film and cup of tea.
So that's me done - XOXO


  1. Hi there

    I picked up your site via Iron Cupcake: Earth and wondered whether you'd be interested in taking part in Iron Cupcake: London?

    All details of the first challenge can be found at www.ironcupcake.co.uk
    It would be fantastic to see you at our first event!

    PS. You're not the only one who appreciates the charms of Mr Jackman!!!

  2. I love all your LO so I have an award for you on my blog... See you soon!