5 Apr 2009


Today we woke up and decided lets go out for the day! Extremely decisive for us. So we headed of to Hampton and took a nice walk along the Thames, stopped for a bit and we sat and read out books - while doing a bit of people watching too!!
It was so pretty sitting by the rive and watching the world go by. We took K's new camera out and got some nice shots. Next time we go back were going to make it inside Hampton Court! After watching The Other Boleyn Girl this week I feel the need to read more and learn more about it!! Any suggestions on books greatly taken!
We also had a bit of lunch while overlooking the Thames and watch all these boats sail by. So peaceful....
Then we heading to Richmond to a little pub right by the River - yet more chillaxing!! Surrounded by families and students!! Notice the flip flops - first flip flop day of the year!!

Also this weekend we celebrating my BFF graduating with her masters! (Well done Helen!!) Saturday down in Crawley with some work friends and then today. Truly a relaxing weekend!
In other news I'm so loving all the daffodils out in bloom they look so happy and sunny!! Yay for the spring. Which leads nicely on to....

The layout I finally finished. Ok it took a while but only as I was working on it a little here and a little there! Love how it turned out. The pic is from our local park about a month a go when all the crocus were out in full force. The papers were from a swap at my local crop (Thanks Claire) plus some added embellishments.
SO that's me for now! Time to get sorted for another week at work - But at least it's a sort one!!

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  1. Hello, I have just been on the SAGOGO Orange fizz forum and thought I would pop onto your blog. Looks like you have had a great weekend xxxx Just love the shoes you have bought... bit of a sore subject in my house as I seem to collect them as much as I do stash xxxx will pop back soon, Magic and Sparkle (hugs) xx Lisa xx aka Tinkerbelle xx