26 Apr 2009

{April Showers??}

Where are they? How beautiful has the weather been? I'm sitting here at 7.50pm on a Sunday Night and the sun is streaming in, the skies are blue and I spent the day inside scrapping?? Crazy huh!!!! But you know what, I had a lovely day just being creative, surrounded by paper and watching Gossip Girl on boxset (Think I'm obsessed!!)

So what did I do?

Well mainly I have been playing with this month's GoGo Kit. GoGo have started up a little thing called the Academy - which is fun prompts to get people scrapping!!! And it did just that...

My first little page is about what I am proud about me? When I read the prompt - the thing I am proud of jumped out of me. It's me and driving! It's a stupid thing really and some people find it easy, but it was never something I found that easy to do. I tried to get out of lessons and once I passed would try anyway to get out of it. But recently it has become something I find a lot easier to do. I have driven on the motorway and through central London. Again this may be a small, insignificant thing to others - but to me it was huge! I would not turn back to not driving, it gives me my freedom, and well I kinda love it!!!!
The second prompt was to scrap about something which someone else has said about you or too you which makes you happy. Easy. It's K each and every time. Well he tells me he loves me or I look nice - and mainly, how when he texts me each and every one is signed with a kiss.
Third. Was described as Life CV. Well things are good. I'm pretty happy with me at this time. I'm feeling more confident about myself, my life and that makes me smile. I'm not that bad, I'm ok and thank my lucky stars each day that I have Kevin in my life, my health, my family and my job.
That's my Academy assignments for the month.

Next on my little list of things to do... Laura set a challenge over on Gogo. To be inspired by the recent Orange Advert (you know the one with the wicked witch from wizard of oz and the cinema) Here;s my take, based on friendships and to use some orange. Another layout which has helped my realise how lucky I am.
Last but not least, a very little mini book of some pics of mine and K's recent trip along the Thames. It was a super quick book to put together and just used some ribbon, letter stamps and my black pen!! I like it.
So that's me done, a rather productive afternoon.


  1. wow thats awesome, need to have a closer look at the academy, fab lo cant believe you did them all this afternoon wow very impressedx

  2. You have been a busy little bumkin xxx love the papers xxxx keep up the good work xxx