1 Apr 2009

{Another day...}

..is over! Phew! And today's brought a new pair of work shoes - these

found on a little lunch time excursion to m&s! nice!

Here's a few layouts I made at recent crop with March gogo Kit! It was a particularly yummy kit, and I still have tons left over to be used on a few more layouts!

I loved the colours of the kit and they worked perfectly with my recent pics of my scrappy weekend away, pics of my local park and Starbucks photos!!

Right much dash - dinner to cook (fajitas (inspired by Laura/Will recent cooking! yum!) and nachos!), The Apprentice is on later plus an episode of freaky eaters is now on - guy who eats a dozen Yorkshire puddings a day, and that's it!!!! (any one else watch this with astonishment! I'm a fairly fussy eater but...) and a least a couple of chapters of Harry Potter tonight , may even finish a layout that has been laying on my craft table most of this week!

Any hoo over and out!! Lx


  1. ooh sexy shoes, im shocking i never wear heels lol! great lo i have barely done anything with my kit im just stuck for some reason. enjoy your fajitas, maybe ill give them a try in the new house if i dare lol

  2. love these LO, you are rocking the March kit! x x