30 Mar 2009

{a little something...}

so last weekend was full of ups and downs!

Friday we were invited round for dinner with the lovely Laura and Will as Rach and Rob had came down for a visit plus Katherine came too!!! We had a laugh and drank just a bit too much wine, and we have now decided we need Articulate in our life!!

(I pinched the pic from Rach on FB!!)
Then Saturday we were due to go out on the town with some friends (sorry to all those we let down!!)- but we were shattered and in need of saving a bit of cash so we chilled out at home instead! I'm re-reading the Harry Potter books at the mo so we curled up on the sofa - after a lovely M&S dine in for a tenner dinner!! *smiley face* We put the new Bond on but I think we got about an hour in before we crashed out on sofa - God we live such an exciting life!

I did during the day find time to scrap a little. I'm off in June for my second BIG retreat - The GoGo Getaway! Even cooler this year as my some of the Girls are going! Laura, Rachel, Katherine, SJ and Jen! Should be fun!! So on the run up there are some challenges over at the GoGo Clubhouse - the first is to create a layout using Green, Orange and Yellow and for it to show 5 facts about you! Well here's my layout.....
And my facts are : I would love to go to Las Vegas, I'm obsessed with Hairspray the Musical (so NEED!! to go see at the theatre!!!!), I love to buy cook books, I enjoy an Indian and Chinese take-away and Tinkerbell is my icon for life!!
Sunday we purchased this....
Been after a coffee table for a while and this one is just right! So Sunday brought more chilling out with my book (I'm on Chamber of Secrets - which was very confusing as the film was on TV yesterday!! Reading the book while film on in the background?!!??!!) - Also I'm thinking of reading Twilight - is it any good??

SO that's it for another day!! TTFN!! Lx

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  1. great lo chick, its a fun photo, i need to email them around really not got round to it will do asap if you want them, few good ones of u and K lol