11 Feb 2009


So I scrapped, like actual pages!!

These are for the SLYMI challenge over on UKS run by the fab Shimelle.

This was inspired by Cyber Crop class over on UKS.

This is for the category stories challenge blog. To scrap 'what I love about...' well seeing as I had a load of snow pictures, I scrapped about what I love about the snow day we had!

Apart from that life is ticking along nicely - i'm still 365'ing and need to think of what i'm gonna do with all the photos ?? Any idea greatly received!?

Also feel rather virtuous as threw away a mountain of old stash over the weekend!!

Watched some cool films recently - 16 blocks (mos def is v.funny!), Semi-Pro (gotta love that soundtrack) and finally we watched the 24 redemption OMG! How Good??!!

ok TTFN Lx

1 comment:

  1. Wow so many LO's, you've been busy! They're all gorgeous as always.

    I'm still 365ing but have just got really lazy about uploading them. I'm adding mine to a hybrid scrapbook/photo album. I keep saying I'm going to upload pictures of it soon but I never get round to it. I promise I'll upload pictures soon though just for you hun!