13 Jan 2009


Check out my pimped out blog - courtesy of the wonderful SJ! I'm so loving my pink and blingy makeover - so me!!
I've also added a little slideshow of my 365 pictures - I have been taking them just get a little behind with the whole uploading side of things. I may blog a few of the piccies - but they are on my flickr too with some comments and tags!!
Also SJ has given me two awards?! Wow never been given an award?! Still new to this whole blogland thing! So....Now by accepting this award I have to blog 5 addictions....
1) Tea! Lots of it!!
2) Cookbooks
3) Pink stuff!!!
4) CSI
5) Craft related activities!! Knitting, Scrapping etc..

And now...

And I have to nominate this award to some other blog girls.... So I'm awarding both this awards to.. Emma, Faye, Micayla and Gems.

Catch y'all later!! Lx

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