19 Jan 2009

{Loving a new class!}

, originally uploaded by shimelle.

So mainly this weekend I have been scrapping like a demon this weekend - I have exciting scrapping news on its way! So I have a few deadlines to meet so have been working flat out to make some way in getting it done!! Also this weekend I have watched a ton of Friends - I have seen them like a million times before but Kevin got me the complete collection for Christmas so I have been working my way through them - up to season 3 - the ones where Rachel and Ross are still together before going on break!!

Anyhoo new class...yes the uber talented Shimelle is running a free class on her blog so go visit here and download all the details!!

Oh 365 update - i'm still going, the photos may not be very interesting but i'm keeping on keeping on!



  1. OOooooohhhh so intrigued to see the results of your scrappin marathon and hear the big news!


  2. Yay show some scrappage and share the inspo' I have saved the downloads of Shimelle's class, not sure when i will get around to it but I will! xx

  3. Just wanted to say hi! I found you on Vee's blog and I live in London, but am originally from the States. I am big scrapper and having a hard time finding other scrappers here :) Any recommendations on good places to shop for scrap stuff? Thanks and I look forward to reading your blog :)

  4. thanks for the info, off to check it out!

  5. Oh what a lovely photo - where on earth did you find such great flowers in Carshalton in January? x