6 Dec 2008

{JYC - Days 1-6}

I have been JYC'ing I promise! I just haven't got round to Blogging them. I'm really enjoying writing and creating my Christmas Memories - (thanks Shimelle!) So here are my pages...
Day one, is to create your 'manifesto' - So I making a statement that I will enjoy making this journal and will try to create something every day!

Day two, the weather - and boy was it cold on the 2nd December - i took a couple of pics in my car all bundled up! I think Christmas has to be cold, I don't think I'd like a hot Christmas!Day three, cards. Well yet again this year has come and I haven't made any! I'm gonna have to try!!! Quickly!Day four, perfection? Well this I journalled about all the elements i think should be in place to make a perfect Christmas! (the piccie is from flickr!)Day five, advent. Well this JYC is now part of advent on the run up to Christmas but also I have my little tree I made to count down the days. Also I have been opening up my daily advent swap parcel (lots of yummy daily stash!)Day six, your Christmas memories. So I journalled about a not so happy memory and about last years Christmas which was lovelySo that's it all up to date...Lx


  1. Love your layouts ... lots of colour and lovely elements! Bravo for keeping up ... :D

  2. wow loving the layouts here!

  3. Great LO's so far, your album is going to be fabby!


  4. Your pages look fab, look forward to seeing some more!